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Four Legit Ways to Score a WAYB Pico Discount

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This article about finding a WAYB coupon code is written by certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Melissa Conn and may contain affiliate links.

The WAYB Pico car seat is much beloved by the travel community for its unbeatable portability, but many parents hyperventilate when they see the price tag. I get it!

In the past I was able to offer an exclusive WAYB Pico coupon code, but unfortunately the manufacturer has stopped that program because too many spammy sites were picking up the discount codes.

Be sure to read my in-depth WAYB Pico review to find out if it’s the right seat for you and your child.

So how can you save money on the WAYB Pico car seat purchase? Here are four completely legitimate ways:

1. Buy directly from WAYB

I really encourage readers to support small manufacturers like WAYB directly. By letting them keep more of the profits, they can re-invest in new innovations. And sometimes it makes financial sense as well.

WAYB has now started offering re-certified WAYB Pico car seats. These are customer returns that have been thoroughly inspected to make sure they’re still in great condition and safe for use. Generally these are seats that have been returned without ever being used – the family didn’t like the color or they realized their kiddo was too big, for example – though some have minor cosmetic flaws. You’ll still get a 3 year warranty and a 7 year expiration date. These are a great way to get a WAYB Pico at 10% off!

Keep in mind that there isn’t an unlimited supply of re-certified WAYB Pico seats. If you have a trip coming up and you know you’ll need one, grab it when you see it!

2. Leverage retailer rewards

One of my favorite baby stores has an amazing rewards program! When you buy the WAYB Pico at Albeebaby, you’ll get 20% back in rewards to use on a subsequent purchase. In this case it’ll get you $76 worth of rewards.

What can you do with those rewards to save money on the WAYB Pico? You can turn around and place a second order for the WAYB Pico car seat carry bag! Most parents buy this accessory anyway, but with your rewards you can cover most of the cost.

Some parents have reported being able to use the Albee Heroes discount on the WAYB Pico, but YMMV since the brand is typically excluded from those kinds of promotions. This is an awesome benefit for which many people are legitimately eligible (doctors, nurses, first responders, military) thanks to their service to our country and communities – please don’t abuse it.

You can score a similar deal at retailer Pish Posh Baby through their rewards program. Purchase the WAYB Pico car seat, earn $76 in rewards, and then turn around a place a separate order for the car seat carry bag.

In both cases you will have to pay a few dollars for shipping on the carry bag order unless you add in some other items. Albeebaby has slightly cheaper shipping and also a lower threshold for free shipping, so keep that in mind as you compare.

3. Amex Platinum card hack

This is a more complicated option but could be worth it for some of the hard core travelers out there. Thanks to reader Nicole for sharing! If you’re into using travel rewards credit cards to fund your family’s travels (or you want to start) this one’s for you – but buckle in.

First, this only works if you have personal Amex Platinum card. The card has a huge annual fee but comes with some very tangible benefits like top-shelf lounge access, luxury hotel discounts, Global Entry credit and more. It also comes with two $50 credits for Sacks Fifth Avenue every year, one in each half of the year after you register for the benefit.

If you are approved for an Amex card, you can get an instant temporary card! Be sure to screenshot the info so that you can use it for your purchase after you enroll in the Saks benefit through your account.

Second, to make the most of your benefit you’ll need to order the WAYB Pico travel car seat in one half of the year and then wait until the other half of the year to buy the WAYB Pico backpack. You’ll have to either plan ahead in terms of timing the purchase with your travels or temporarily use a different solution to transport your Pico.

If you want to reap even more benefits from your purchase, sign up for Rakuten. It’s an amazing cash back site that I’ve been using for years! If you have any Amex card that earns Membership Rewards (like the Platinum), you can change your earning preference to earn points instead of a percentage back. Since it’s easy to earn 2, 3 or even 4 cents per point when you transfer those points to airline partners, the 2% Rakuten offer is really more like 4%+ if you go this route.

Obviously this hack isn’t for everyone and it seems complicated on the surface, but it can offer a big savings – a total of $100 off your purchase plus around 1500 points (worth $30+) to use on your next epic adventure.

4. Wait for a WAYB Pico Black Friday deal

If you’re in no hurry, there are plenty of amazing Black Friday car seat deals and Cyber Monday car seat deals and there’s usually something for the WAYB Pico. I can’t promise you what it will be, of course. In the past we’ve seen the WAYB Pico combo on sale or discounts/freebies on WAYB’s website.

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